“J&D provides a level of customer service and communication that allows us to ship rail cars with confidence. Thank you for reducing our freight costs and being a key partner in our distribution chain.”

- Mike Phair,
E.J. Poultry

Although ordering and shipping product by rail can reduce costs, dealing with the UP and CSX can be confusing and time consuming. Let our team of logistic specialists take care of things for you. We can help get the paperwork completed and get your product on the road quickly. Whether you need to ship a load from our location, or arrange a car to come to us, we have the experience to facilitate a smooth delivery.

The benefit of an onsite rail means the product is only handled once. If you need it shipped directly to a location or put into storage, once your railcar has arrived your product will go straight to where you need it. We have a certified team of lumpers who work to minimize damaged cases, whether they are unloading or loading, and we work with you to build pallets based on your required configurations.